Chung Ling High School in Jalan Air Itam, Penang is one of the most reputable Chinese National Type schools in Malaysia with 25 Alumni Associations spread over 4 continents. Each year, the Alumni Associations organise global annual carnivals.

Naming of the School and adoption of bell as crest:

The school has adopted the name Chung Ling (锺灵), which infers to a concentration of desirable aura that leads to the acquisition of many talents. The School adopted the bell as the school crest. The aspiration is that synonymous with the propagation of the ringing of a bell, one could enlighten himself and his community.

Time line of the School's History:

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On 9th February Chung Ling School was founded by supporters of Dr Sun Yat Sen, among them Tan Sin Cheng, Khoo Beng Cheang, Chu Yeo Aik, Khaw Seng Lee and Lim Joo Teik. The School was originally located at 18 Malay Street.
The School relocated to 65 Macalister Road, which had housed the Penang Philomatic Union (阅书报社), and today it is the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall.
In addition to its primary classes, lower secondary classes were formed, allowing primary school students to continue their study at the School.
Chung Ling became a secondary school exclusively, known as Chung Ling High School.
On 10th October construction at Kampong Baru began. A year later the School settled into its final permanent location, Jalan Air Itam at Kampung Baru, Air Itam, Penang
During the outbreak of the Second World War, the School was requisitioned as a hospital for the British military during the period of Japanese occupation; the School was forced to close down.
After the war ended, on December 8th, the school resumed its operation with enrolment of more than 800 students.
The school became a National type school after accepting the National Reform Movement.
Chung Ling (Private) High School was formed
Chung Ling High School Butterworth was founded, to cater for the students in main land Peninsular Malaysia.
The School enrols approximately 3,000 students with over 190 academic and non-academic staff. The three Chung Ling Schools are collectively known as the Tri-Chung Ling Schools. Though each is run separately, they are united by the same aims, objectives and board of directors.