Dear Alumni,

It has taken 57 years since the founding of the UK Alumni Association, for the Chung Ling Alumni World Carnival to reach the UK and Europe. This is because it is no easy feat to organise this event and on such a scale as this year's 48th celebration is sure to be. We are only a small association with few resources at our disposal, but to organise this requires a lot of effort, time and finance, especially as costs are particularly high in the UK, as well as support from fellow Alumni. But we are doing this for our beloved school.

It is exceptionally difficult to host at such a highly exclusive venue as King's and St. John's colleges at the world-renowned Cambridge University, even more so to hold formal banquet dinners at their Grand Dining Hall with a unique aggregation of entertainment.

We chose Cambridge University as a venue despite the challenges because it has always been the dream of many of Chung Ling's students and perhaps your own children too to study at this elite and beautiful university. A carnival here is a glimpse into that dream. It is an opportunity to bring up Chung Ling School's profile on the world stage and a chance to experience what life at Cambridge University would be like, scaling its historic grounds and stepping in the footsteps of the many great figures of history who had once studied in its iconic colleges.

It is unlikely that there will be another chance to host the Carnival in the UK or maybe even Europe in the near future and most certainly it would be difficult to organise such a once in a lifetime experience as this. I hope that everyone is equally excited and would show support and attend the 48th Chung Ling Alumni World Carnival at the prestigious King’s and St John’s colleges at Cambridge University on the 27th and 28th August 2016 as the start of our celebrations for next year's centenary. If you would like to attend, please email for an application form. We have extended the deadline to the end of May 2016. Please click below for our Chinese article with more details about the event including prices.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Kind regards,

Lee Phong Thuan

King’s College Dining Hall
Interior of the Grand Dining Hall at King’s College.
King’s College Courtyard
The courtyard at King’s College
St. John’s College Dining Hall
The beautiful stained glass windows inside the Grand Dining Hall at St. John’s College

Please click on the Links to the official websites for King’s and St John’s colleges for more information about the venues:

   The 47th Chung Ling World Alumni Carnival will be held on the 5th and 6th of December 2015 in the city of Taipei in Taiwan. We hope that our UK members can show their support and gain inspiration from this year's exciting event. A full article will be released following its completion in December.