The Association was established in 1965 by a group of Chung Ling alumni who were then students at the various universities and colleges in the United Kingdom. It has since evolved to embrace all Chung Ling alumni, residing in the United Kingdom. With the broadening membership base, the Association provides an opportunity and also a platform for alumni from different walks of life to meet, socialise and network. It also offers education information and assistance to Chung Ling students who wish to further his/her study in the United Kingdom.

  The Association accepts and abides by the objectives and rules of its parent organisation, Persekutuan Alumni Chung Ling Malaysia. It is a strictly non-profit organisation.

  The aims of the Association are mainly to:

  The Association is managed by a committee consisting of: President, Secretary and four/five committee members. The Association does not collect subscriptions. Membership is open only to the ‘old’ boys/girls of Chung Ling High School. The Association organises four or five events a year, the organising costs and the sundry expenses of which, are borne and shared among the participating members and its committee.

  The President represents the Association in the committee meetings held by the Persekutuan Alumni Chung Ling Malaysia. The President and its members participate in events such as the Chung Ling Alumni World Carnival, an annual event hosted by the nominated Associations and Liaison Centres, and the various functions and events organised by the school and the other Associations and Liaison Centres, where feasible. Currently, the Association has 105 members. The Association communicates via email, Facebook, Whatsapp and regular lunch meetings.

  The UK Alumni is currently gearing up to organise and host the 48th Chung Ling Alumni World Carnival for the first time next year. This event will be held at the King’s and St John’s colleges at Cambridge University in Cambridge, United Kingdom on Saturday 27 August and Sunday 28 August 2016. For more information please see the Events page.

About the Chung Ling World Alumni Carnival

  This annual event has been continuously held since its inception in 1968. The inaugural event was organised by the Perak Chung Ling Alumni Association.

  The original format consisted of sporting events and gala dinners in the evening. The event has since evolved into two gala dinners with shows and entertainment in the evening (opening and closing ceremony) and seminars, sporting events, golf competitions and sight-seeing tours during the day. This event is always well attended and supported by the Alumni. Attendance of each event ranges from three to four hundred to a few thousand. In 1982 event organised by Persatuan Chung Ling Alumni Tengah, in Genting Highland Resort set a Guinness World record for the most attended Alumni reunion. Moreover, the Chung Ling Alumni World Carnival also holds the record for the longest continuous running annual event.

  The Chung Ling Alumni World Carnival attracts alumni from different parts of the world, as well as from many different walks of life. In the past, the events were well supported by alumni who are Cabinet Ministers (both past and present) in Malaysia and Singapore, Members of Parliament and State Assemblyman, public servants, chief executive officers and directors of listed and non-listed companies, bankers, doctors, entrepreneurs, prominent scholars, entertainers and many other professions. From its beginning in Perak, Chung Ling alumni World Carnival have since been organised in Singapore, Thailand (Bangkok, Hat Yai and Phuket), Canada (Vancouver), Hong Kong, Australia (Melbourne and Sydney), Taiwan (Taipei), China (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Suzhou) and Malaysia (Kedah, Terengganu, Penang, Butterworth, Perak, Johore , Selangor and Sabah).